You only live once, so make it something special.
you deserve nothing less than extraordinary.
i can teach you how to make freedom happen.

Ever feel like you are stuck in a rut and that you’re not living? Fed up of only having a life in the evenings, not having any energy, or simply feel fed up with waking up to have a boring day?  

You are not alone. Thousands of people feel the same and with technology more powerful than ever before, people are able to make their dreams happen. Be that, being your own boss, travelling the world, being able to look after your children full-time with financial security or getting money and acknowledgement for something you are REALLY passionate about.

I can help you do that. Life is one big, long, crazy ride and it is there to be made the most of. 

I'm sure the idea has crossed you're mind, but then doubt drops in....

"Should I?"
"It probably wouldn't work?"
"Don't be stupid...."

So then you carry on feeling slightly uneasy and nervous with no idea of what your doing or where you're going, and feeling a little lost. You ask your parents, your partner or friends for advice and they hit you with all these things you should do and could do, which doesn't help and you feel more lost. Again, you are not alone. Thousands of people end up procrastinating... pushing their dreams to the bottom of the list and carry on helping someone else achieve their dreams. 

You follow some ideas and none of those feel right... so then you try a few other ideas... and you carry on doing the same thing that you've always done. Day after day... looking on social media wishing your life away. Life just feels like one mundane and confused mess.

Which would you prefer to be the driver of your decisions? Fear or happiness?

And if you would prefer happiness... if not now, then when? 

If this is you, then I can help. But I can only help if you are open, willing to learn, and are able to make decisions on behalf of your heart's wishes. You must want to commit to a life of feeling energised, fulfilled, connected and focused on pursuing your wildest wishes. I can help and support you while you build up the foundation to moving away from the 9-5, starting up your own freedom business and doing ALL the things you want to do. 

Dina is a certified life coach, a master of psychology and a mindfulness guide

It's my mission to inspire people to achieve the impossible through positive change. I do this by helping to uncover your potential, empowering you to take responsibility of your happiness and to live life fully now. 

My approach is unique and combines my knowledge and experience of business, psychological theory, mindfulness, philosophy and my own personal development. 

Together, we will move away from confusion, stress and anxiety towards inspired action towards the life you dream about. We will move you to a life where you're choices are driven by happiness and you have a business that works around you.

Investing in yourself is the best present you can ever give yourself.

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  • To create your own story that you can be proud of.
  • Move away from confusion and get clarity on what you want to do and where you want to be.
  • Understand your personal brand and what you can offer the world in terms of skills and ability.
  • A place to untangle all the stressful knots that life throws at you... in terms of career, friends, family and romance... so you can live a peaceful and exciting adventure.
  • To have a remote lifestyle so you can travel anywhere and be the person you want to be. 
  • Give you the confidence to quit your 9-5 job so you can be financially stable and without a boss. 

In the end, it’s not the years in your life that count, it’s the life in your years.
— Abraham Lincoln

What Dina has Achieved professionally

  • A Psychology degree from Swansea University, with a Masters in Organisational Psychology from City University.
  • A certified Life Coach with The Coaching Academy
  • A certificate in MBSR Mindfulness practice.
  • Coached over 500 people in 3 years across the globe.
  • Founded and managed a corporate wellbeing practice called Infinido: Complete Corporate Wellbeing to help bring the life back into the 9-5, so I understand organisations and how to transition from the workplace into a freelancer. 
  • I attend CPD days regularly to deepen my practice and teaching skills.
  • I am an eternal student of business, psychology, philosophy, coaching and yoga.