As a fully qualified business psychologist and life coach, I've told you how I work with you but what are the services I provide? There are several techniques that I use with my clients, dependent on their needs and aspirations.

I'm offering free coaching to those who want to start a charity. However, I only have one space available each month, so please send me a personal message to apply.


Freedom coaching helps you uncover who you really are through tapping into past experiences,  interests and passions. It allows you to think bigger than usual day-to-day life and build aspirations that are meaningful and long lasting. It gives you the space to pursue tangible goals that align to the mind, body and soul, whilst ensuring you follow a practical and systematic format.

Freedom coaching sessions are the fun, creative and tailor-made for personal development and finding your dream lifestyle.

My style is dynamic, energising and collaborative. I will ask loads of different questions and really tap into your strengths and creative outlet so you can use them to your advantage. I ensure that you work hard, but also want you to feel inspired afterwards, with self-esteem sky high and plan of action ready to go. 

This style of coaching is recommended if you're ready to shake things up and uncover your dream lifestyle and business. It is also good if you feel disconnected and want to get your creative juices flowing. Sometimes you need a little clarity around moving forward and I do this through using the right tool at the right time based on my experience of solution-based coaching, GROW model, ACT therapy, breath work, art therapy and feed forward coaching. 

Bespoke sessions can either last 1 hour or 2.5 hours depending on how deep you want to go and usually take place on Skype or telephone. I do face-to-face sessions too, but as I travel a lot it depends on where I am in the world.  Sessions are usually dialogue based, however on occasion I do add in some artistic flair or adventures if you so wish.

Freedom coaching, ultimately, is about bringing clarity, focus and balance into your life. 


Mentoring is different to coaching. I usually do this once we have established an idea and got you focused and excited for your dream life and business.

These tips and strategies, usually online based, help you achieve your goals and dreams. I will offer tips, homework and technology. Doing this helps you fast-track to success. 


I am fully trained to provide SHL and Lumina Learning personality questionnaires to help you understand yourself a little better. Both of these questionnaires dig a little deeper than Myers-Briggs and other more popular tests, and are therefore likely to be more accurate.

These personality questionnaires are a great way to understand why you do things in the wonderful way that you do them. Together, we will go through your strengths and weakness, and see how we can use both to your advantage, as no-one is ever perfect! In our 60-minute feedback session, we will uncover how your natural preference to act can work in your favour.