Standing out is essential in business

Standing out is essential in any business. One must be able to be different from the crowd whilst offering value. This is why I believe that you should focus on uncovering who you are before even starting up your business… by doing this, you will be able to fully understand what you bring to the business and your clients. Anything you are less strong at will define what your business isn’t and who you potentially need to hire.

As we are discussing standing out, let me tell you a little about me! I am half Egyptian, half Syria and born in Wales… so naturally I stand out as probably one of the strangest mixes on the planet… which I absolutely love. I am also highly extroverted, creative and a woman… so definitely a minority. And honestly, it works in my favour. It means that in a world full of coaches and psychologists (which is actually quite rare in the life coaching field), I am completely individual.

In my case, these differences seem obvious in the U.K… but when doing business in other countries… I need to think outside the box. How can my personality outshine my competition? And that is what branding is all about, whether you are an individual, a small/medium enterprise or a biiiiiiig corporate. You need to uncover your use, need, your gift to society, and yourself so you can give your very best… which in turn will get you (more) clients.

So how can you get MORE from yourself? More from freedom? And more from your dream life? By uncovering your personal identity... that strand of yourself that never changes. And I found mine in Thailand on my first solo travel trip… the place where I learnt to love my curly hair. I noticed that I was heavily influenced by British society and my friends, which is great. I love that part of me, but it was refreshing to try and grow new ways of living. Travel is the most healing experience and the biggest eye opener in life. And so is being on your own to purge thoughts, feelings and reflect on lifestyle.

So that’s my challenge to you. Find ways to spiritually heal yourself so you can uncover how you can stand out!

A good place to start is with these few questions:

1.     How can you uncover who you are away from society?

2.     What do you notice about your personality that needs growing, nurturing and changing?

3.     How could your differences stand out more so you can brand them in your business?