Empower Yourself with Remote Working

Running your own business as a digital nomad doesn’t just happen overnight. It takes years of practice, testing, soul-searching and effort. Not to mention, years of failure. I started my entrepreneurial journey from the age of 16. I worked in telesales – probably the toughest work I have ever done. Why? Because people hate it when you call them up out of the blue, but with that experience, I learnt resilience. A skill that is essential as an entrepreneur.

It also made me realise that I wasn’t made for a boss and needed a creative outlet in my career. At the age of 19, I started up my own University charity brand to help raise money for Link Community Development and MacMillan Cancer. In that role, I was able to fundraise £1k in the space of 4 small events. It was in this role I decided that I wanted to be an entrepreneur. So before I go any further with why becoming an entrepreneur is a good idea… I have a small question for you: When did you start figuring out that becoming an entrepreneur was a right fit for you?

It doesn’t matter if you have only just decided, nor does it matter if you decided now. The important thing to remember is that you are in charge of your life. You are the person that can change things. Age is nothing but a number. I have worked with 24 year olds, all the way to 50. If you don’t feel happy in your current life, then change it. If you don’t feel ready to make the leap into remote living, then don’t. Simple. Never feel pressured. Be happy with journey and be even more excited for what the future brings.

All you really need as an entrepreneur is a time. Time to get to know yourself… which can be a very difficult thing to do, especially in a busy world. Having direction towards the type of life that you want. And the courage to test your ideas in a critical world. The best thing I can offer when starting your journey into the remote working world is to journal your ideas and thoughts, and share them with special people who can help you nurture them. I had several coach throughout my journey who helped me uncover my life purpose. I also have a great support network of family and friends. Who could you speak to regarding your journey into the digital nomad world?

In uncovering my purpose, I decided to do some market research around the digital nomad world. I am still collecting data, so if you’re interested in taking part, send me an email for a free coaching session: dina@dinapyramid.com.

Here are some amazing results to show you a selection of what digital nomads are saying about their proudest moments as an entrepreneur:

·      Having a team that feel united, recognition from press and client referrals.
·      Gaining awareness, visibility and creating something fun.
·      Satisfied customers - the ability to deliver what customers want.
·      Launching and going for it.
·      Creating a strategy. Getting out of my comfort zone and talking to someone that ends up buying.
·      Creativity, design and the ability to travel.
·      Positive customer feedback and return business.
·      Starting my business and not giving up.
·      Generating 8K in my first week on UpWork.
·      Several CEO advisory roles.
·      Doing it by myself. Making my own decisions. Continuous learning and feeling challenged.
·      Seeing clients love my services and products.
·      Growing from a 40-piece collection 4 years ago to a multi collection platform and catering to an array of markets.
·      Making an extra $1300 last month of products on my site… 90% passively.
·      Live wherever I want. Always exploring new countries.
·      People knew what is my business and my branding is slowly expanding.
·      Getting my first client, building my website, booking a ticket abroad and knowing I could continue to work location independently.
·      That it only took me a year to go from zero to more than I made with my office jpb,
·      Building a Facebook community and getting this far in developing my business.

Would will you say is your proudest moment after you set yourself up?