What Type of Customer Do You Bring In?

When you are creating your business, it’s often good to think about what kind of customer you are looking to bring in. It will help you build a business model that fits your ideal client. Here are the types of customers you can attract with your business.

Convenience Seekers: Transactional, impulse buyers, fast delivery, focused on quantity instead of quality.

Ways to catch these buyers: Products by the counter, discounts, ensure quick delivery, offers.

Brand buyers – focused on your identity and branding, not price sensitive, quality, referrals high.

Ways to catch these buyers: Referrals, advertising, clear lifestyle branding.

Casual buyers – Occasionally buy your product, not brand focused.

Ways to catch these: Attractive branding, discounts, marketing new products.

Relationship seekers – people looking to know the person behind the brand, referrals high, promotions are a good way to start the relationship, and connection is most important.

Ways to catch these: Attractive branding, the person is the brand, conversation, referrals and connection to the client.

Bargain hunters – looking for a good price. Will compromise quality for price.

Ways to catch these: discounts, offers.

Which of these buyers do you feel most connected to? Which of these types of buyers would fit your product or style? As you may have already guessed, my focus is on relationship and branding. It is the perfect fit for my freedom lifestyle and business coaching practice.


Marketing to Generations - Generations have different interests and so here is a short summary of what draws in which group.

Baby boomers – Facebook, targeted ads, Twitter, LinkedIn, slower paced videos, email, direct mail, coupon marketing, referrals, TV adverts, shops (e.g. travel agents), google.

Y-Gen – Facebook, targeted ads, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, referrals, Pinterest, website ads, google, discounts, offers, TV adverts.

Millennials – Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, referrals, video, Pinterest, targeted ads, website ads, google, discounts, offers, LinkedIn.

X-Gen – Facebook, Instagram, snapchat, video, referrals, targeted ads, website ads, google, discounts, offers.

Which generation fits your marketing style? Ever thought of branching out into different generations? For example, snapchat could help you tap into a younger generation, whilst TV adverts might help you tap into an older market. Personally, I tend to tap into a millennial, Y-Gen and X-Gen market because I focus my relationship building, branded business on building up an audience with similar values and beliefs to me. It means I can build connection as they enjoy my content and interests.

Send me an email with your preferences. Always good to share for accountability and learning.