Do You Have What it Takes to be Location Independent?

According to research, working culture across the globe will be a lot more flexible and location independent by 2025 with more and more people working remotely. It is great that people are moving in this direction because they feel bored, exhausted and fed up with a system that doesn’t serve them or put them in the right role. People are desperate for a sense purpose and want to feel understood by their community. It can be difficult because we are asked to choose what we want to do from such a young age, but with times and technology as it is, we should be grateful for the opportunity to be able to develop a wide range of skills.

One of the biggest factors of everyday life is stress. Stress can be both good and bad in life. It’s choosing how to channel it. It can be the catalyst for change or give us the vigor to move us forward.  The ability to use stress well depends on self-awareness and the level of support we have to help us cope. Friends, family and sometimes coaches are a great way to de-stress and change the meaning we attach to the stressor (the thing that made us stressed in the first place- sometimes this can simply be uncertainty or ambiguity. E.g. not knowing what will come next). Instead of feeling a sense of dread or worry, why not change that to excitement, positive energy or turn your resilience into creativity. Use that reactive energy to create something beneficial.

Failure is one of the scariest concerns when starting up your freedom lifestyle, but I like to try and reframe failure into learning. Life is too short to take failure personally and not try again. As Nelson Mandela once said: “I never lose, I either win or learn”. There is something beautiful in the word “no” when you know something isn’t quite right. This can include the beauty of honesty, authenticity and freedom. With this triangle, new opportunities will open. For example, the indie music scene opened and became popular. Why? Because it allowed alternative messages to be told. Qualities that were missing from films with big budgets. Below is a really good TedTalk from Jia Jiang. Click here to view.

Here are some values that entrepreneurs need to be successful:


Autonomy, being in control of your own, is essentially what entrepreneurship is all about. Studies show that autonomy is great for drive and motivation because it allows you to be self-reliant, self-directed and get a larger stake of the rewards.

Autonomy can mean full accountability, creativity and decision-making. It’s basically the freedom around what you do and how you do it.



Loyalty is incredibly important as an entrepreneur. You can’t expect a customer or a co-worker to be loyal to you if you aren’t loyal in nature. Always help and see if you can do more to facilitate their growth, purchase or needs. When running a business, you can show loyalty through asking more questions, always checking in with your clients.



Optimism isn’t always easy, especially when life kicks you down, but it is one of life’s treasures. Being an optimist means that you expect things to turn out well and so you are more confident in your knowledge, skills and abilities. When you encounter an obstacle, you can try alternative solutions or change the goalpost to make the goal easier to reach. Optimism can be learned through choosing thoughts, feelings and behaviours.  

Questions you can ask yourself include:

1.     What is the best possible outcome in this situation?
2.     What is a creative solution for this problem?
3.     How can I learn from this?
4.     How would this situation look if you were the other person?
5.     How would this situation look if you were a fly on the wall?


Big Picture and details

To be an entrepreneur, you need to have a vision but also an eye for detail. It’s usual for people to have a preference. For example, I am usually a big picture thinker as I always have the end in mind and storm ahead with ideas. Big picture thinking and detail can be nurtured through practice or you can outsource. I’ve learnt to be more detail orientated from life coaching and being an entrepreneur, and so am detail orientated in conversation. Being detail orientated is good when you work with social media and admin work. Which are you? Details or big picture.


As an entrepreneur, you need to make quick decisions and take advantage of opportunities. Adaptability can help you respond to changes in the right way and be flexible with your choices. Being adaptable allows you to focus on your gut instinct rather than be rigid with rules. Welcome change or suggestions with a “yes”.


“Giving back is as good for you as it is for those you are helping because giving gives you purpose. When you have a purpose-driven life, you’re a happier person” -Goldie Hawn

 Compassion is one of the beautiful things about social interaction. Caring for others means that you can connect on a deeper level. As an entrepreneur, it is essential to show compassion for potential and current customers. Time is the most valuable way to show compassion for others, as it helps to nurture bonds and helps people to get to know and understand your worldview.