Building your location independent business

Building up a remote and location independent business is tricky. It takes time, energy and a lot of creativity. So you’ve got your website, logo and concept sorted… but what then? Marketing, which can be quite intimidating. It’s sometimes difficult to put yourself out there in an authentic way. Why? Because sometimes brand identity isn’t clear and your message is scattered. Here are a few ideas to help you get you push forward and do great things.

Get your business out there!

1.     Everyone needs to know what you do.

If no-one knows who you are and what you do, then your business isn’t going anywhere. Write a clear vision around your business, state your mission and highlight keywords that emphasise what you do. Practice pitching your ideas and make it conversational. Never be afraid to tell people what you do, how you do it and why, especially if it’s location independent which is such a new thing to do these days. The why behind business is the most powerful way to get clients to sign up to your services.

2.     Think creatively about marketing.

What do you sell? What stands out? And how could you offer it to people in an exciting and innovative way? There are so many ways to market your ideas, especially online. Facebook is an incredible way to market your ideas… Facebook communities are a quick way to share ideas. Twitter is good for finding out news around your industry. Instagram is great for creatively presenting your ideas, and YouTube is a good way to express yourself.

3.     Be flexible with what you say about what you do.

Find out what your client wants and then offer them something that relates. It is great to tell people that you run a retreat, as an example, but then why would they want to buy? Find out what their interests are and then match it up to fit.

4.     Be generous with what you offer.

Life is too short not to create a package that is above and beyond. In a world full of flourishing businesses, create an offering that allows people to feel like they are getting an amazing service. Really think about how you can tailor what you do to their needs. That’s the way to getting loyal customers.

5.     Ask for referrals and get testimonials.

People need to trust what you do and what better way than through existing clients? It is important for people to get a sense of how you work and the results you provide. Use testimonials from anywhere… video is best, written or blogs work well and even print screen comments. There is something realistic and genuine when someone posts something on social media, so use it to your advantage.

It’s important to be proud of what you do and not be shy to tell people. At the beginning stages, especially when you don’t know your message. Take the time to tell close friends and family first. Discuss your ideas and see what people say, then focus on your wider network. Your offering becomes clearer when you are adaptable and share ideas. You’re never sure what opportunity is around the corner. Be open and take learning opportunities. Both you and your business should grow and develop together so enjoy it! The location independent lifestyle is a great one… as long as you’re ready to work hard and make it revolve around something that you are passionate about.


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