Infinite Balance vs. Most vs. Enough

I just had a revelation today thanks to a wonderful client of mine. Our chat gave me more clarity in what I try and represent in my coaching and my logo, and essentially is my existential outlook on life. :)It's a concept that I hold dearly because it is a constant battle in life. It comes from the subjective and relative notions of "most" and "enough".

You can never reach "most" because there will always be something new or innovative to overtake the "most" that you do.

"Enough" is a state of mind and a battle. Once you reach a said goal, you will always want more or you will want something different... therefore there is never an "enough" point.

To infinity and beyond! Living life limitlessly as a digital nomad with Dina Pyramid

It is managing your boundaries and keeping in focus what YOU want. "Enough" is about maintaining a level of striving whilst balancing the art of learning.

I guess that's what I mean by my logo "Infinite balance": Being content whilst moving forward in what you do.

Assessing whether something is at it's "most" is impossible. It also means that you are constantly doubting whether you are wasting time and so you never do a job wholeheartedly unless you are "sure" to are focusing on "most". Nothing is certain in this life.

Make mistakes.

Do what you do best.