tools to help you on your way to a freedom lifestyle. 

Without sounding too daunting, I don’t think anyone ever knows that they are 100% ready to take this step, but just by coming this far on my website shows it’s a serious thought.


I’ve created an in-depth quiz and flowchart for you to download. Both these tools will give you an idea of the ways that I will work with you, to get your freedom lifestyle up and running and determine the following;

  • What mental blocks are stopping you from living a free lifestyle
  • What are the gaps in your business knowledge
  • What you need to focus on when starting up a freedom lifestyle and business
  • A deeper understanding of your current mindset and what you want

This quiz delves deep and asks you to score questions as to how you feel and therefore really get a feel for your readiness. 

Also available on Amazon 'Kindle Unlimited' below. 

The flow chart is more a free thinking tool which encourages you to think about different situations and scenarios dependent to your yes or no answer to the question. Just fill in the form below.

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