curious about a freer life?



DO you feel that you waste your time in a job that doesn’t fulfill you?

Do you feel that your current job and lifestyle limits your free time on weekends and evenings?

Do you feel that your passions, skills or hobbies are prohibited or not used at all?


If yes, then I’m the person to help you!

I only work with people on a one-to-one basis… this is much more valuable than any course you purchase online that paints you with the same brush as everyone else. We will work closely together to focus on your strengths, goals and objectives so that you have the BIGGEST chance of reaching your freedom dream. Here’s what people are saying:

Why Choose Me?

I am a fully qualified business psychologist and life coach. I’m living proof that freedom can be achieved through self discovery and using your resources and strengths. My strongest point is helping people feel fulfilled and passionate about what they are doing... when you have a dream then go for it. You only live once and you deserve all the luck, determination and ambition to achieve it! 

A freedom lifestyle means you feel fulfilled, energetic and challenged. You are in the driving seat.

My coaching is not for people who want a "get rich quick" scheme! It’s tailored for people who want to choose life over fear and have the will to work hard to live the freedom lifestyle they want.

What do I offer?

My passion is helping people, through coaching, to focus on turning their passions and skills into a job that is not location dependent, offers fulfilment and provides a lifestyle of freedom they once dreamed of.

Whether that’s being a digital nomad working remotely travelling the world, or simply giving up the routine, and working from home or coffee shop in order to gain the lifestyle you deserve. In short, YOU design and live your fullest, most fulfilling life.

Let us start digging deeper and pushing past any blocks that stop you from feeling happy and independent.
I want you living life on your terms.

"Life is too short to only live for evenings and weekends…
So if you want to make a change, and work towards your ideal freedom lifestyle, I’m your woman!"

Offering free coaching to those who want to start a charity. However, I only have one space available each month,
so please send me a personal message to apply.