Don’t waste your time in a job that doesn't fulfil you and limits you to a life on the weekend and evenings.

Why not focus on mastering doing the things you love and feeling fulfilled in a job you can do from anywhere in the word. It is time to stop wasting time and choose life. Life is too short to only live for the evenings and weekends. I can help you do that.

Why work with me?

I am a business psychologist and life coach that specialises in personal branding and online strategy. I help over a thousand freedom-seekers to stand out and turn their passions into profit. 

Over the years, I have run 4 businesses, some of which have flopped and others that have opened the door to my dream freedom lifestyle. Having spent A LOT of time, money and energy to create a life that I am 100% completely satisfied with, I now help people, like you, create purposeful, passionate lives and make sure you get to the finish line faster than doing it by yourselves or doing a course made by someone with little to no experience... and no results to show for it. 

Here's what my students are saying...

"Working with Dina has helped me discover not only what my passion is but how to direct that into a business that can sustain me and my clients. Every step she has been there to lead me to my own answers and develop the tools to run my own business. Throughout the time we've worked together Dina has been so approachable and utterly non-judgemental, she has really helped me break down some of my barriers with self-confidence. Within the sessions, Dina has quickly created a space where I don't feel ashamed of or too embarrassed to voice an idea. This is something I've personally struggled with all my life so shaking off these shackles now feels like freedom to me!"

- Maisie Kennedy,

"Working with Dina on Passions that Profit has been inspiring. It has given me direction and structure to move forward with what I really want and care about. I started with a totally different business plan and midway through, I altered my business idea to align to my values and lifestyle. I truly feel happy with the new direction of where my business is going. Our sessions always leave me excited as there is always a clear structure and next steps. Dina pushes you hard, but it’s always necessary and welcome. There are real results and a ‘can-do’ approach, and that is what really matters! The most valuable take away I have learnt from my sessions with Dina is to always take the first step and then another, and then another. And to act and push forward if it’s something that we are truly passionate about." - Ami Khan

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