Freedom Seekers are Authentic, Connect and ooze Compassion

I watched this TEDtalk on vulnerability again recently, after not seeing it for a while, and felt compelled to share it with you... and give my two cents along with it!

According to Maslow and what is generally agreed in psychology, love and belonging are core drivers in human nature. Our need to feel appreciated, accepted and loved is so powerful that it can affect how we connect with others and our surroundings. This need is a beautiful yet fragile thing. The role of vulnerability is essential on your freedom seeking journey. Without fully connecting with the world authentically, we are left with a feeling of emptiness, loneliness, and imprisonment. Where is the freedom in that?

 Not only does not connecting restrict your freedom, hiding your inner self away affects your relationship with yourself, others and the planet. As Brené Brown says the ability to feel connected gives human beings' purpose and direction. It's how we are wired. And It's essentially why we are here. That is why as Freedom Seekers, we create businesses that are inclusive, compassionate and promote passion for what we do.

So why is fully connecting so difficult for us to do? 

Insecurity. The biggest burden of being a human being, above all other animals, is that we are incredibly insecure. And although it has been fundamental to our survival throughout evolution, It doesn't make us happy or fulfilled. Authentic connection is what makes us happy. You know, those moments of true connection? That is what everyone is seeking... more moments like those... including your potential clients. And it is because of that, we are always in a conflict between the fear of judgment and rejection and the desire for closeness and acceptance. 

So how do you connect more and overcome the barrier of fear?

As Brené Brown says in the talk... The only difference between people who connect and those who don't is self-belief. Those who believe they are worthy of love and belonging are not afraid to be vulnerable and express who they are. They allow all of their emotions to show, even when they are scared. These authentic emotions are what people connect with... and the rawness of these emotions are what can help another grow. There is nothing weak about vulnerability... in fact, vulnerability is much more difficult than hiding away. I see it as a virtue of strength. 

Being vulnerable is not easy. Jeez, I still freak out and it is something I am constantly working on. But I know that by facing up to the discomfort and putting myself out there can lead to greater things. If I didn't face up to my insecurities, I would have never been persisted with my dream to help others live their dream. I would have never felt confident enough to submit my photos to exhibitions. I would have never left my hometown in Wales. But the more I push my boundaries, the more I can give to others. And the more self-satisfaction, belonging and love I feel. And ultimately, the freer I feel. 

I strongly recommend making it a mission to push your vulnerability boundaries over the festive period... You never know where it may take you.

And yeah... honestly, what's the worst that can happen?


So now I challenge you:

1. What one thing could you do this week where you can practice vulnerability?

2.  What secret or story could you tell someone about you?

3. What daily routine could you practice to enhance your self-compassion? 

4. Tell yourself that You Are Enough... and really mean it.

If you are stuck for a daily practice, why not click here for scientifically proven ways to enhance self-compassion

Send me an email on with your vulnerability to-do list (if you are feeling vulnerable enough, har de har har). I'm always keen to find out what you're up to!

If you aren't already part of the Freedom Seekers community... What are you waiting for?!

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Nomadic Partnerships: How to make them work

Everyone has heard of travel partners that can’t stand each other after traveling. Or that friend that is a complete nightmare to travel with. What about that business partner that was really overbearing or lazy?

I think we have all been there… whether that is from traveling with a buddy, a romantic relationship, a friendship or a business partner. Or at least I have anyway. I have seen or had so many different relationships in my life that have been both amazing and a bit volatile. Over the years, I have done my bit to try and learn from volatile relationships and do my best to avoid them. My experience ranges from watching my parents’ divorce, a sibling relationship, a six-and-a-half-year relationship, various kinds of friendships, business relationships, client relationships and travel buddies. I can honestly say that all of them have been pretty intense in their own way… but travel relationships are one of the few that can escalate pretty quickly due to the constant contact and little space you have with one another. It might seem like all roses at first, but once there are cracks… it can all go Pete Tong.

After speaking to a range of clients about this, I thought I’d pull together a few key points to help you make sure your travels with your partner run smoothly. They may seem pretty simple, but you’ll be surprised how many people hide away from a problem, wishing it away. But instead it just gets worse and worse, and it just feels like no return. But the prevention and solution are so simple. Communicate. Apologise. Forgive. Set expectations right from the start. Spend quality time together and time apart. And most of all, enjoy the ride of your relationship.

1.      Communicate clearly and be honest.

It seems like an obvious one… but man, it seems to be the key trigger for most of the world’s problems.

No communication = You start making assumptions based on little or no evidence + No clarity + No resolution + Lack of trust + Unhappiness + Rumination + General bollocks. 

It’s generally a bit wack… especially when you are stuck 24/7 with someone traveling around the globe. In a Ted Talk called “the Mathematics of Love”, Hannah Fry says that people with lower pain thresholds have better relationships… mainly because they just nip the niggles in the bud as and when they happen. Although in this instance she talks about romantic ones, she does say that divorce is mathematically equivalent to a nuclear arms race. This suggests that assumption can be stretched to fit a wide variety of relationships.

I have learned to be honest in all my relationships about everything. Hiding things creates gaps, which then creates a downward spiral. Even it is something that your buddy doesn't want to hear. It is better to tell them openly so that you both know where you stand and can negotiate terms.

Constant, honest, upfront communication is the only way to achieve strong, healthy, balanced relationships... however tricky the conversation seems to be. 

2.     Apologise and forgive.

Another obvious one… but you’ll be surprised how many people I know STILL don’t talk to each other because they had an argument 5, 6 or even 10 years ago. It’s ridiculous. Get over yourself and your pride. Apologise for your actions, and forgive and forget others who have wronged you. Why are you causing yourself the pain and grief? You will have a lot happier travels (and life) if you realise that people are only human. They make mistakes, as do you. Know that mistakes happen from a place of fear or misunderstanding... let it go so you can enjoy the fun things in life. Life is too short for a lifelong sentence of silence treatment and pent up frustration.

3.     Set expectations.

Travelling is such a delicate process when you are traveling with another person. I have had several travel buddies in my life… and it’s surprising how much you learn about someone in such a short space of time… even if you have known them for 15 years. I remember traveling with a good friend of mine, but we were not on the same wavelength. I work at 100% most days… sitting can be a bit of a challenge for me, especially when I am excited! If there is a mountain to climb… I’ll do it. If there is a club to dance at, I’ll probably be there. Sleeping is for the dead. But the friend I was with had a more relaxed approach to life and to traveling. She likes to climb and go on adventures, but also values time to just be and take in life. She's much more risk adverse than me. That meant that although we got on most of the time, but there were points where I pressed her buttons by encouraging her to push boundaries she was not ready to push. If you know me or have worked with me before… I still do this sometimes. It’s in my nature… I sometimes forget in a moment of excitement. But I have the self-awareness to tell people I have this tendency so we can work around it.  

Setting this expectation with people before I work them or before I travel with them means that we get a clear understanding of how we fit. It means that we can find a balance. When I really NEED to climb a mountain, I can go do it and then meet up later for a chill, drink, and chat. No worries, no drama.

4.     Spend time together, but also time apart.

Time together must be fun, exciting, silly, emotional and authentic. Go do things you both like together. Create those lifetime memories that you have been planning for months… but at the same time, don’t overdo it. Remember to be independent… go take the time to be your own person and grow. Doing this means that you can give back tenfold the amount of energy and excitement when you catch up later. There is no point in restricting each other, especially when you are unhappy. Unhappiness can be a catch 22. All you want to do is solve the problem so you spend more time together to make it work. But instead, it is best to go on day trips by yourself, take a weekend to yourself, etc. One of the most empowering things I find about solo-travel is that you lose any form of identity so you reconnect with yourself again… even for a little bit before you become another role made by your surroundings. Take the time to go and find this strand of you and then chat about your experience with your partner. You be surprised at how much zest and energy you are giving back to the relationship.

5.     Enjoy the ride

 Remember life is ALL about having fun and personal growth. So enjoy it! Take what you can from your time together. Arguments will happen, but will good times. That is the beauty of humans: we have a wide spectrum of emotions. Having someone to share them with is invaluable. You have taken a big step by traveling together. Partnerships of any sort are a working progress. Constantly grow, change and discover new things. Don’t be judgemental and roll with it. Trust in yourself, your partner and the universe. You never know what opportunity could be around the corner. There is no point in worrying about what could happen tomorrow until it happens. Carpe Diem: Seize the day.

Having had plenty of experience in both business, travel and romantic partnerships, I would be happy to offer any duos a 2.5 hour session 20% off. Contact me on for more information.

The man behind Nomad Capitalist

My inspiration for founding Nomad Capitalist was actually my own, personal need. To be completely honest, it was never about performing any kind of business service per se. It simply evolved out of my own needs and experiences.

Before seriously traveling, I had started and sold a number of businesses in the United States. These businesses ranged from a broadcasting company to a car retail business, a swimming pool service to investing into other companies and helping a friend start a financial services and insurance business.

Eventually, I had built myself up to where my various US businesses were very location independent. I was able to start traveling more than I was staying in the United States and began working with my clients long distance from European cafés and Southeast Asian beaches. 

But I wanted more freedom.

And that's when I decided to cut all my business ties in the US and fully live the nomad lifestyle. Once I sold all of my businesses I not only had the financial means to take an early semi-retirement, but I was free as a bird to go explore the world. 

Amidst my travels, I took advantage of all the tax benefits that come with the expat lifestyle. I knew I could make the various tax, investment and business laws and opportunities around the world work in my favor, so I went out to take advantage of it and stop paying tax. That is when I had the thought "Go where you are treated best." And that's exactly what I did. I began to search for and go to all the places that would treat my money, businesses, lifestyle and investments the best. 

As I did so, I began a blog to write about my findings: where I was looking at property, in which countries I was considering a second residency or passport, how I found out something was a scam, when I discovered a little known investment opportunity... I wrote about it all. I was telling my experiences mainly for my personal benefit, but before I knew it I had three million people coming to my website per year and another million between the Podcast and YouTube. It just blossomed into something I would never have imagined.


Andrew has been internationalizing since 2007, and has learned what works and what doesn't work when it comes to second passports, offshore banking, tax reduction, and investing. He shares strategies you can use to grow and protect your own wealth and freedom and create the international lifestyle and your offshore blueprint


Want to change your life for the better like Andrew? 

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Live your dream!

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Freedom seeking and how it can help you be a philosopher and thus free!

We are all freedom seekers. But what is freedom? Some people might choose a qualified freedom or others, an unrestricted one. Are you still free if it’s the former? Is it really freedom if it’s the latter? If we were all completely free, none of us would be; my freedom to enjoy a quiet park afternoon would be restricted by the freedom of my neighbour to play grime at full volume. John Stuart Mill, one of the fathers of liberalism, argued that one man’s freedom to swing his arms ended at another man’s nose.  But intuitively, we think freedom has to mean exactly that, unfettered, unrestricted, absolute freedom; it feels like almost an oxymoron to say ‘restricted freedom.’ This is interesting because it is the friction between these positions that forms the liberal world view and the realist one. It’s in the skirmishes of this battle that conservatives and reformers draw their lines. This is where people feel it’s acceptable to ban abortion or the burkha or to legalise drugs. One argues that freedom has to mean exactly that. The other argues that true freedom allows for the restriction of others. But to me, this last idea allows for totalitarianism, arrogance and suffering. At the same time, I don’t think I want to live in a chaotic ‘anything goes’ sort of world.

We could answer this conundrum with this: a true freedom seeker is one who also wants freedom for others and it’s the union of my and their freedom with this desire that equals true freedom. So yeah, I might have to make sacrifices and give up a bit of freedom but if that means we are all freer, it’s better than if I have complete freedom. This is the key bit though: it has to be me that decides, not someone else. It’s not the other way round: YOU have to give up some of your freedom so we are all free. Why not? Because if someone is telling me to do it, I’m not free. If I choose, then I am.

But what about people who choose incorrectly or don’t choose at all? What then? Well, conservatives or realists, let’s call them ‘the negatives’, this is what they jump on when they say “Ah, you see, we have to force people to be free.” I disagree. You see, the negatives are scared. They are coming from a position of fear. They are scared of chaos, the organic, the freedom. They’re impatient. I’m not. I trust people enough to let it all sort itself out. We have to wait for people to realise. We have to put up with a bit of what we don’t like, until we all catch up. We have to focus on education, helping people to do this. We can maximise freedom, even if we can’t have it in a ‘pure’ sense. We have to all sort it out together, we have to unite against this other, negative side. We have to freely free them.

This is tolerance and it is supposed to be the mark of a developed, enlightened society. Tolerance is not just freely allowing, it’s not acquiescence.  Tolerance has to have an element of strong disagreement for it to be tolerance. So I actually have to disagree with the racist, even to hate him, but I also have to let him have his views. I have to have an alternative view to the racist and yet I also have to let him scream out horrible things for it to be tolerance. However, this sits uneasily with liberals too and it’s this puzzle that has people who you might think should know better authorising war in Syria, for example. But, if you are being a true liberal, you have to let it be. Ok, but what if we tolerate a group in our society that is hell bent and committed to destroying the society; if we tolerate intolerant people we will allow them to take over and create an intolerant society? So I can’t just let it be, I have to have a line, a line over which I move from tolerance to action. Perhaps Trump and what is going on in the world today is that line? Sometimes, maybe, we do have to restrict people’s freedom then?

Can you see a problem with my argument? I said that ‘we have to.’ Oops! I just restricted freedom to restrict freedom to create freedom. Doesn’t sound very free to me. Two wrongs don’t make a right, after all. What if I said, ‘we should’? It’s a bit better, but now I’m implicitly pointing at some version of truth, some absolute, ‘out there.’ This is dangerous ground in ethics. Should? Can you show me the book of life that has this information in it? ‘Should’ normally comes in an ‘if – then’ statement. If I want clean teeth, then I should brush my teeth. But this one is more problematic: ‘If you want to be free, then you should do what you like.’ It’s problematic (or invalid as we might say in philosophy) because this would also be free: ‘If you want to be free, then you should restrict freedom.’ See the problem. We can’t get to a normative (i.e. you should do x) system this way. There’s too many holes. It also fails the naturalistic fallacy: how can an observation about the world ever translate into a direction for behaviour. Just because I can see that life likes to live, to jump from that to say murder is wrong doesn’t work logically.

But why is it that we intuitively do feel that there is a right and a wrong way? It should be seen as significant because if everything was random, completely random, there would be no agreement. But there is. We all (mostly) agree that torturing babies is wrong (I’ll come back to psychopaths in a bit!). So where is this coming from? The usual, culturally relative, answer is ‘well, cannibals ate people, you know, so there can’t be a right or wrong way, it’s an illusion.’ But, they’re not quite right. Cannibals did eat people, and yes, they did think this was ok, but they still followed rules, it wasn’t chaos. The eating of people was bound up in strict norms of engagement, often ritualised; it was used to deal with grief for example. They wouldn’t have accepted anyone eating anyone when they fancied a snack. They didn’t think killing people was ok, they thought dealing with grief in this way was ok. Those are very different things. So even they had an intuitive sense that there is a right and wrong.

So where does this right and wrong come from? I can hear a voice inside me softly call out the word ‘conscience.’ ‘With knowledge’, that’s what it means. That I do have an innate knowledge that there is a right and a wrong, even if we disagree about what those look like, and that this is your conscience, that’s the answer. But, if materialists are right, I cannot have any innate knowledge. How can I, a baby is born empty, a blank slate, everything, logically has to be learned. There is no soul. Evolutionary theorists respond that millions of years of evolution has given us this sense, if there is innate knowledge, it’s no different to how a cat instinctively knows how to catch mice and is the result of natural selection and ‘best fit.’ Psychologists like Freud might say it comes from childhood and your parents. But if they were right there would have to be a society somewhere that had no concept of right and wrong. If the evolutionists were right there would have to be some mutants out there that had no knowledge of this spectrum.

Spectrum? Well, that’s what it is. Right and wrong, or better or worse, is linear. On the one hand I have right and on the other I have wrong. But this is indeed universal. Every society and every being has this spectrum inside them. It’s why a baby likes drinking milk and cries when it’s hungry. It’s why a dog likes walks and not being left at home alone. So it would appear that this spectrum of right and wrong is hardwired into us and all of us. Many people would stop here and say, ok, then it’s just a brute fact, it’s just a result of preference which is a result of survival. But that doesn’t work with me. I refuse to ever stop asking ‘why?’ And if you’re like me, there has to be a better answer. If it’s just the result of survival, why wouldn’t there be alternatives? Why does the toast always land butter side up? On the one hand they say it’s all random but on the other they argue for order.

I have a better approach, I think. It’s called the Theory of Recurrence (TOR) and it’s the only lens to understand the world through. You see, if I want to see what is, all I have to do is see what recurs. This also works for the question “what is ‘should’?” It’s actually what’s at the root of the scientific method (you know, gravity is only true if your apple and my apple always falls to the ground when we drop it). So since right and wrong recurs so much, it is. Now I have to answer why it is. TOR can help us here too. Which ‘why’ recurs? The answer to this is that there is something else inside me. That is the biggest response after all, historically, that there is innate knowledge and that this comes from my soul or perhaps some platonic formal world or whatever. It comes from a non-material basis, these responses drown out the materialists or sceptics.

I also know that this is what many of you readers will be thinking too. So, yeah it really recurs. Therefore, whether I want to believe it or not, I have to agree that there is a soul. Why isn’t it the evolutionists or the psychologist’s answer? Because not only do those people arguing against the soul not agree, much of the world doesn’t either. I don’t like to hear I’m meaningless, that I’m just the result of other things. And this not liking to hear that, that is more evidence for my idea. Why should we not like that? Why does that recur? Again, I think, it’s because we are meaningful and that this stems from a non-material basis. Ok, I’ll come back to TOR in another article; there’s a lot more to it and I don’t have the space to settle all those logical alarm bells going off in some reader’s minds.

For now, what have we seen? We are actually non-material beings who have a pre-existing knowledge of right and wrong and that there is a right and wrong and that this is what recurs the most and therefore has to be true. The link to freedom? Well, if this true, we can help, we can guide people, we should do this, and we don’t have to live in a nihilistic post-truth society. Trump is wrong (told you I’d come back to psychopaths!). We should let everyone be free but we should also unite and form a line. We do have to educate, we do have to be free together. Those who would restrict your freedom have formed a line ages ago, now it’s our turn!

On a final note, we can’t talk about freedom without a look at free will and determinism. The truth is, if everything started with the Big Bang, and if from that first cause came all the other effects and causes, you and me and all of us are stuck in an intricate web of determined existence, we literally cannot be free, even if we think we are. Yeah, I could jump out of that window at any time, it gives an illusion of freedom, but in truth, I’m not going to do that. I’m not going to do that because I’m scared of hurting myself and I’m scared of hurting myself because I didn’t like it when I was growing up and I didn’t like it when I was growing up because I was born in the first place and I was born because of my parents and they were born because of theirs and so on and on and on. I’m only here because of what came before and I can only go from the point of where I’ve been. So, we are all restricted anyway. It also proves my first point, that true freedom is restricted freedom, that’s what recurs the most. In that case, maximising freedom is a higher purpose, it’s the real divinely given free will. Why? Because if we are all restricted anyway and that is our base position, it is a mark of improvement if we can move above this base. Since better or worse is a key part of reality, we have to aim for improvement. So yeah, seeking freedom isn’t just nice, you have to do it!



Born and raised in London, currently in Auckland; Andrew Yiallouros has traveled the world and lived a very rich and varied life. He has followed a journey of spiritual discovery, living as a monk on Mount Athos, spending 6 months as a Muslim, meditating as a Buddhist and Yogi, seeking out holy people, ideas and lots more. He is also a trained healer.

He went to Highgate School, completed his BA at Sussex University, his MA at Manchester University and his PGCE at the Institute of Education and all this whilst struggling with dyslexia and related conditions. A celebrated teacher, he teaches philosophy, religious studies and ethics amongst other subjects online and more traditionally. In his earlier career, he spent time in the hospitality world, worked in finance, marketing, was an actor and model, managed holistic centers, was an artist, photographer, chef and creative director and worked in music festivals & events! He also runs a successful YouTube channel as "The Good Greek"!

He enjoys learning, life and all that there is to know.

He now focuses on writing, runs a website ( and is currently working on the sequel to "The Dragon and The Princess."

He's been called "inspiring", "a great talent with lots to say" and he is "someone who should be heard!"

What does your 2017 look like?

Time to restart, rejig and replenish.

2017 is going to be a big year for you... if you start now and focus. 

Get rid of anything toxic that slows you down. Move towards your dreams. Make freedom happen.  You are the only thing stopping you from getting what you want. 

Make a plan and stick to it. Use my 2017 Freedom Seekers Goal Planner to help you.

Here is what it's looking like for me:

·      Three continents and 5 new countries

·      100 students getting amazing results

·      20k email list

·      3 public speaking engagements

·      Peak physical fitness

·      Becoming a competent surfer and snowboarder

·      To be in love and be loved

·      To sponsor a charity

·      Photography as a priority

·      Friends and experiences are a top priority

I am not special or clever. I got average grades and struggled to work in the 9-5 system. The only thing that got me to where I am today is my courage to dream big and go for it. That's honestly all you need to succeed. I dare you to do the same!

Don't waste your year. Make a plan. Get to work. Live your dream.

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Case Study: Ami's journey through Zero-to-Freedom

Hey! I'm Ami and I'm currently on Passions that Profit as part of the Zero-to-Freedom course. Working with Dina on Passions that Profit has been inspiring. It has given me direction and structure to move forward with what I really want and care about. I started with a totally different business plan and midway through, I altered my business idea to align to my values and lifestyle. I truly feel happy with the new direction of where my business is going. Our sessions always leave me excited as there is always a clear structure and next steps. Dina pushes you hard, but it’s always necessary and welcome. There are real results and a ‘can-do’ approach, and that is what really matters! The most valuable take away I have learnt from my sessions with Dina is to always take the first step and then another, and then another. And to act and push forward if it’s something that we are truly passionate about.

I recently resigned from a well-paid job in the UAE when I discovered there was another way to live away from the rat race and I wasn’t going to let my fear of deviating from societal expectations stop me. I want to live a life that shows my 4-year old daughter that it’s possible to follow her dreams and to live aligned to values. It’s so important that the younger generation have role models to look up to that are in careers that are lucrative and filled with passion, bring value to those around them, and live life on their own terms.

Through working with Dina, I have started up my own business supporting others to build their dream businesses. I am a chartered accountant by profession with over 13 years’ experience working in finance, building businesses and strategy input. I love what I do! With my background in finance and my university degree in psychology, I want to help people build dreams in line with their values and with the technology revolution well under way, I 100% believe that it's possible.


So you can get a feel for what I help people with, I will answer one of the most common questions start-ups ask me: Why should I set myself up as a limited company?

Here are three reasons why I think it’s a good idea… even if you are a one-person company!

1.     Tax efficiencies: There are ways to maximise tax efficiencies through partially compensating yourself with a salary and the rest being paid as dividends (the income that you get as a shareholder).

2.     Limited liability: Any liabilities are limited to the company and not to you personally. Unlike a sole-trader where your business identity is an extension of you. This means you can protect yourself.

3.     Prestige and perception: Being a CEO, founder or MD of your own business means that investors take you more seriously. Being a limited company also gives your business a more trustworthy identity which can make the difference when you are in competition for a client.

Although being limited is a great idea… it’s only worth doing when you are earning more than £25K, however, this is only a general rule and in some instances, I’d advise getting a limited company if you earn less. It’s also a bit more paperwork than being a sole trader… but I’d be more than happy to help you with that! Drop me an email If you want to chat about the pros and cons further. I’d be more than happy to help!

Want to change your life for the better like Ami? 

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Want to set-up a successful remote, freedom business?

Setting up a business is easy, but setting up a good, solid freedom business isn't. It needs a lot of self-discovery, clarity and momentum to create on that is successful. That is why I have created this blog. To teach you how to create a freedom business that has every chance of succeeding. 

When it comes to starting up a freedom business, there are so many things to think about to make it successful. Clients, marketing, branding, positioning, offering. Too many to think about. And I want to be honest with you, there is no 'quick-fix'. You just need to be well prepared, spend some time understanding what you want from your future... and then play the game effectively. I want to teach you how to do this because everyone deserves to live the life they want. 

But as I always say, the BEST things in life are tricky to get... So I've put together some key tips, tricks, and ideas to move you forward towards your dream lifestyle and business. 

So here is my three step process to setting up a successful freedom business:

1. Stop looking for that secret hack, that one that is going to change anything. It takes a lot of inward searching and questioning to figure out what you want. Just like it takes exercise to get that beach body.

2. Master a structured process. Getting results needs strategy. It's kinda like kickboxing. The master can show you some amazing moves, but that won't make you a good kickboxer. You need to learn the fundamentals and the systems. You need to know the basics in order to grow.

3. There is no way around trial and error. Take the time to experiment, know yourself and be brave with testing the waters. You'll soon find out what's right and wrong for you.

To help you on your journey, I have created The Freedom Seeker 2017 Goal Planner to move you forward. In this workbook, you will gain clarity around ideal lifestyle, who you want to work with and what skills you can share with the world. And not only that, you can create solid, tangible monthly and annual goals to make sure you stay committed and on the right path. I will also be challenging those limiting beliefs that might be holding you back. Let's make 2017 the year of freedom for you!

Sign up for your Freedom Seeker Goal Planner Here:

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Infinite Balance vs. Most vs. Enough

I just had a revelation today thanks to a wonderful client of mine. Our chat gave me more clarity in what I try and represent in my coaching and my logo, and essentially is my existential outlook on life. :)It's a concept that I hold dearly because it is a constant battle in life. It comes from the subjective and relative notions of "most" and "enough".

You can never reach "most" because there will always be something new or innovative to overtake the "most" that you do.

"Enough" is a state of mind and a battle. Once you reach a said goal, you will always want more or you will want something different... therefore there is never an "enough" point.

It is managing your boundaries and keeping in focus what YOU want. "Enough" is about maintaining a level of striving whilst balancing the art of learning.

I guess that's what I mean by my logo "Infinite balance": Being content whilst moving forward in what you do.

Assessing whether something is at it's "most" is impossible. It also means that you are constantly doubting whether you are wasting time and so you never do a job wholeheartedly unless you are "sure" to are focusing on "most". Nothing is certain in this life.

Make mistakes.

Do what you do best. 


Case Study: Maisie's Journey through Passions that Profit!

Before I met Dina I was in a state of flux, panic, despair…confused! I was stuck and had no idea how to start moving forward again. The big plans that I'd had for my life (ha!) had fallen through a couple of months previously and I was back in London working all week at a job that gave me very little fulfilment.

One day, scrolling listlessly through a Facebook group, a post by Dina caught my eye. She was offering a free one-hour coaching session. Although I'd never done anything like it before something pushed me to message her and we ended up chatting.

By the end of the hour, I had decided to move to Mexico and take a yoga job I had been offered there, as well as assist on a yoga teacher training in Costa Rica. I knew I didn't want to be in London before we spoke, but Dina was the perfect support and encouragement to allow myself to jump into the opportunities I've been offered. 
Now I am midway through creating my freedom business on top of traveling and living my passion for teaching breath initiated yoga.

Working with Dina has helped me discover not only what my passion is but how to direct that into a business that can sustain me and my clients. Every step she has been there to lead me to my own answers and develop the tools to run my own business. Throughout the time we've worked together Dina has been so approachable and utterly non-judgemental, she has really helped me break down some of my barriers with self-confidence. Within the sessions, Dina has quickly created a space where I don't feel ashamed of or too embarrassed to voice an idea. This is something I've personally struggled with all my life so shaking off these shackles now feels like freedom to me!

Until I met Dina I was convinced I could never even come up with an idea but by week two of the Passions that Profit course, I was full steam ahead planning and setting up my online yoga site,

Dina hasn't once told me what to do, simply directed me in how to access my own ideas. As our sessions progress, I have found more and more understanding of what it means to own a business. It is really eye-opening to realise how much work needs to go in before and around a business to provide a secure and consistent service.

My business, Grace Yoga School, came about because I travel so much and I find it hard to go to the same yoga class all the time. I've seen my friends struggle with the same thing trying to fit classes around shift work or children. If you don't have a regular class it's hard to have a regular teacher and then it's really difficult to build a relationship. Online classes were fun, but I feel they lacked a personal element that I find to be key to a serious yoga practice. Giving people the freedom to choose when and how they practice but still be able to form an organic relationship between teacher and student is something I'd love to offer people.

So thank you so much Dina for everything! You have done in helping me to recognise, accept and believe in my own abilities. Getting to know you has gotten my creative juices flowing and given them direction. I'm looking forward to the last three weeks of the course, and I hope I get to work with you again!

- Maisie

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Story to Inspire: Joanne and Craig's Transition to Nomadic Living!

"Every morning we jump out of bed to a brand new vista and a new place. The freedom to do what we want, when we want and where we want. Letting go of the 9-5 routine is liberating yeah, but it isn't an easy decision especially when you have a well-paid job and the rewards...uncertainty and zero income. Here's our story...

We are two ordinary people who had a dream of traveling the world. The dream often coincided with talks of our retirement plans or whenever we got chatting about spending more time together, enjoying a stress-free life, doing things we’d always dreamed of etc. You know the kind of things we are talking about, right? Well, one day in 2013 we’d had enough, decided life was too short and took the plunge to live our dream.

I think it is fair to say that in 2013, we went through a period of nothing but bad luck and it really made us reflect on what was important to us and what we wanted out of life.  The rat race, the material things, the fine dining suddenly didn’t appeal anymore.  When faced with losing each other and the people you love, it makes you realise what is important. This was our turning point.  We took a long hard look at what we had, made a few tweaks and decided to take early retirement and… live our dream.

We spent a full year putting things into place and planning what we would do. This involved working 6 months notice, which was one of the hardest things we’ve done.  Both from a financial and mental point of view.  By this stage in our lives, we were enjoying a successful career with large 6 figure salary and benefits.  Handing in our notice took away our financial lifeline and giving that up was hard.  All of a sudden we had to think about our money in a very different way, yet all around us were our friends, still enjoying the benefits of a normal life.  At this stage, we felt trapped between two worlds and even though the new world was unknown, we never questioned our decision.  In our hearts, we know it was right and that kept us going.

In mid-2013, we bought our first Motorhome and did the usual stuff like going away at weekends. Each week we would do something new to the Motorhome like fit solar panels then spend the weekend trialing the gadget.  We spent hours researching what we needed and then spent the same amount of time installing it.  We optimised our storage to a fine tea and whittled things down to essential stuff except for my clothes, Craig would say. Well us women do love our clothes just as you men love your tools. By spring of 2014, we were ready for our first adventure and the rest is history.

Our new life means we do not have a regular income. This is the hardest mental obstacle to overcome because from a very young age we are programmed to work and earn.  The fact we don't leaves a great feeling of guilt.  We basically live a very basic (financially speaking) life, which is based on a number of earnings we get from our capital. This is not a huge amount but it is more than ample for our lifestyle and in return we have no stress, spend all our days together, meet new people and live our dream. Was it worth it...absolutely! 

Since setting off on April 14...and bar a couple of months back in the UK to change motorhomes we are still traveling and enjoying the adventure all the way.  As at July 2016, we have covered a total of 33,432 kilometres or 20,774 miles over 606 days.  Traveling an average of 55 km per day with the longest journey being 780 km. We have traveled to and visited 20 countries and consumed 4,346 litres of diesel from 88 fuel stations with an average of 22 mpg. We've filled our LPG bottles 55 times and used 1,139 litres of gas to heat our home, run the fridge and freezer, hot water, oven, grill, hob and last but not least our BBQ at an average cost of €0.94 per day. We have paid 40 tolls, tunnels and mountain passes, 17 ferries and 11 flights.  We've had 1 break in, 1 bump, 2 reversing eeks and 1 oops when the garage door flew off at 2,425 m above sea level. Overnight, we have stayed on 91 campsites or aires but we have grown to love wild camping and spent 515 nights where ever the road takes us. 305 supermarket sweeps and 45 evenings of fine dining.A total of 354 days with nothing but sunshine, 122 overcast days, 67 mixed, 3 thunderstorms and 61 days of rain.

So how much has it cost….£19,959.52 for everything, which equates to £32.94 per day for 2 people and 2 dogs. Oh and we forgot to mention, killed each other 16 times, spent 10 days in silence and 580 days loving each other to bits!"

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